About Us
We are located on Harstine Island in the beautiful Puget Sound WA. Phonon was established in 2014, by David Daggett, a former Technical Fellow at the Boeing company who’s job was to investigate and develop new technologies.   He left the company to create Phonon Energy, and has assembled a team of 21 volunteer engineers, alternative energy experts, business entrepreneurs, university student researchers, and others, from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. They have united in the belief that we are on the cusp of seeing a revolution in alternative energy technology become reality.
 Phonon believes that the benefits to humanity are profound and that innovative LENR technologies represent a catalyst for change.  For that reason, the Phonon staff are self funding this endeavor. 
The Phonon team believes that its research will be a meaningful contribution to society, one which can not only mitigate global warming but also benefit industry, private homes, and global communities that do not have easy access to energy.
  1. Dave Daggett, Ph.D.

Dave Daggett, Ph.D.
President, Phonon Energy

Board Members
Technical Staff
  • Chairman of the Board - John P
  • Board Member - Sergio B.
  • Board Member - Dave A.
  • President - David Daggett, Ph.D.
  • Treasurer & Secretary - Bill Carberry

  • Audio Visual - Nicholas S.
  • Brazil Future Operations - Raimundo D.
  • Database, Web Development - Thomas C.
  • Mission Support - Jeannine D.
  • Technical Writing - Hsuan-Pei L.

  • Chief Engineer - R.L., Ph.D
  • Design Engineer - Colton G.
  • Electrical Engineering - John P.
  • HVAC Engineering - John S.
  • Laser Specialist - Bruce J.
  • Nuclear Chemist/LENR Science - Ed S. Ph.D.
  • Nuclear Materials Engineering, Carl F. Ph.D.
  • Plasma Physics - Andrea B. Ph.D. candidate
  • System Analysis - Hukam M., Ph.D.
  • Test Engineer - Joseph Y.
  • Test Software - Blake B.
  • Tool & Die Maker, Arduino App - Neal G.